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Geomagnetism and Aeronomy -- March 1992 -- Volume 32, Issue 2, pp. 184-191

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The reaction of the middle atmosphere to solar proton events in October 1989

A. M. Zadorozhnyy, V. N. Kikhtenko, G. A. Kokin, O. M. Raspopov, O. V. Shumilov, G. A. Tuchkov, M. I. Tyasto, A. F. Chizhov, O. V. Shtyrkov, E. A. Kasatkina, and E. V. Vashenyuk
Central Aerological Observatory; University of Novosibirsk; St. Petersburg Division, Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, the Ionosphere, and Radio Wave Propagation, USSR Academy of Sciences; Polar Geophysical Institute, Kol'sk Scientific Center, USSR Academy of Sciences

The results of the first direct sumultaneous rocket measurements of the concentrations of ozone, nitrogen oxide, positive ions, and the temperature in the middle atmosphere during powerful solar proton events in October 1989 are given. A sharp increase in the ion density above 30 km, a strong increase in the NO density with a maximum of 2(center-dot)109 cm-3 at altitudes of 45(dash)55 km, a decrease in the ozone concentration above 35 km with a maximum O3 decrease by approximately 20% at an altitude of 50 km, and a cooling of the atmosphere at altitudes of 45(dash)65 km have been detected. The results obtained are in good qualitative agreement with contemporary concepts of the  sigma action of solar proton bursts on the middle atmosphere, but the measured cooling of the stratopause exceeds that predicted by the theoretical models.

PACS: 94.10.Gb, 96.40.Fg, 94.10.Fa      Additional Information

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